Blogging Frequency Google’s Matt Cutts had a interesting video on Youtube recently. He answered a question from a viewer who asked if the frequency of blog posts mattered when Google ranks a blog/site. Matt’s answer is interesting and true:

I totally agree with Matt, the quality of posts is by far the most important factor to having a good blog for both readers and search engines a like.

I always tell clients that they should try and write a quality blog post once a week. Now when I mean quality, I don’t mean that it has to be long. It  just has to be well written and informative.

The reason is that I want people to come to my clients sites not only because Google put the site high in the results but because they find what my clients write interesting. If people don’t like what is being written and never come back they’ll never convert into customers.

So as much as I hate to say it, I agree with Matt about creating quality content is some of the best SEO out there.

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Seth Goldstein is the Principal Creative Director at Goldstein Media LLC. He has been in the Web design and Internet marketing business for more than 10 years. A self-proclaimed technologist, Seth is addicted to all types of technology. He loves to help businesses of all sizes figure out the best way to use the Internet to grow their business.