Backstage Library Works

Backstage Library Works is a full service library resources company, based in Provo, Utah and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This site took the whole team to complete. We’re very happy how it turned out.

We’re also working with the BSLW Team on SEO and PPC marketing.

The site is coded on the WordPress content management system and is optimized for keywords that are relevant to their target market and industry.

Site Launched: 2020

Library services provider achieves exponential sales growth with redesigned website and improved lead-generation funnel

The Company 

Backstage Library Works provides services to libraries ranging from academic institutions to public, corporate, and specialty libraries. BSLW leverages powerful technology to make metadata more useful and paper, microfilm, and digital collections more accessible. Whether a customer is a large institution or maintains a small, private collection, BSLW’s services are customized case-by-case to fit unique needs.


Information Technology



The Problem 

Backstage Library Works uses sophisticated technology to serve their clients, but the company’s website was built on an inefficient legacy system. The absence of lead-generation and lead-tracking was particularly concerning because of the company’s longer sales cycle and the competitive nature of their specialized industry. The website was coded using multiple languages and didn’t incorporate SEO best practices. Although BSLW was paying for Google Ads, the pay-per-click (PPC) funnel (ad to website to contact form), needed to be fine-tuned. The company’s marketing team had limited web design resources and decided to approach Goldstein Media for a full web audit to understand how these systems interacted and how they could be optimized. 

The Challenge

Goldstein Media conducted a comprehensive audit that weighed the options of fixing the current site or starting over with a new design. BSLW approved the recommendation to design a new, SEO-optimized WordPress website and a project budget was set. The reasonable pricing would prove to be an important benefit for BSLW because the redesign would overlap with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Libraries nationwide saw a reallocation of their endowments, yet academic institutions were prioritizing remote services. It was important for BSLW to clearly communicate their value propositions and attract prospects during a challenging time for the industry. Goldstein Media worked with BSLW to reasonably accommodate their timeline and execute on a lead-generation funnel.

“As the saying goes, ‘we didn’t know what we didn’t know.’ We didn’t know if leads were coming in through the website, where leads were coming from, or how people found out about us. Now we can actually see where prospects are coming from, especially through the Contact Us page.” 

Maurice Kuritz
VP Marketing and Sales, Backstage Library Works

The Results

Goldstein Media provided the guidance and support that BSLW needed, providing web design and stylistic recommendations that took creative pressure off the marketing team. After a rigorous and methodical quality assurance process, the website backend is now smooth, fast and efficient, with a trackable lead-generation funnel. The customer-facing frontend is easy-to-navigate and highly accessible, with clear calls-to-action.

Over the course of 6 months, BSLW experienced:

  • ROI of more than 25 times their initial investment in the new website. 
  • A drastically improved 40% conversion rate for new business.

Ongoing support: Goldstein Media is contracted to maintain BSLW’s SEO, PPC, and web maintenance. Each month, the teams meet to review the SEO strategy for maintaining high rankings, PPC ad performance, and any adjustments needed in accordance with Google’s changing algorithm. 

Reflecting on his experience working with Goldstein Media, Maurice Kuritz added:

“Seth takes a no-nonsense approach to his work. You’re not dealing with another salesperson who’s marketing to you. You’re dealing with a web design professional who knows what he’s doing and will tell you what he needs to tell you, not what he thinks you need to hear.”

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