The Mobile-First Web – Get Ahead of the Coming Changes

The folks over at Google have been talking about a mobile-only index for years now. It might finally be coming our way within the next year. Gary Illyes, a webmaster trends analyst at Google, was on the latest episode of Search Engine Journal’s Search Engine Nerds Podcast, where he talked about the move to focus […]

Deciding Between Mobile and Social For Your Business? You Don’t Have To.

I recently read a piece on Search Engine Land about how many companies are faced with a difficult choice this year… budget for Social Media work or concentrate on getting a mobile strategy up and running. In this article, the author points out some very valuable information that I think is important to keep in […]

Bookmarks for January 11th through January 12th

These are my links for January 11th through January 12th: Tip: Make Googl URLs without Google’s toolbar | Web Crawler – CNET News – Hillary Clinton Hosts Dinner for Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Others | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD – Video Interview: Flixster Execs Talk About Rotten Tomatoes Deal | Kara Swisher […]

Bookmarks for January 9th through January 11th

These are my links for January 9th through January 11th: 3 Ways Educators Are Embracing Social Technology – Is This KFC Ad Racist? [YOUTUBE VIDEO] – Facebook Founder on Privacy: Public is the New “Social Norm” – Twitter Argument Leads to Alleged Murder [REPORT] – 38 ways to optimize and speed up your WordPress blog […]

Bookmarks for January 8th

These are my links for January 8th: Google Toilet Paper : Optimize Your Wipe | Search Engine Journal – Here’s a fun Friday post about what could be easily mistaken for a new Google product launch to accompany the Nexus One and other new Google products : Google Toilet Paper (which gives a new meaning […]

Bookmarks for January 8th

These are my links for January 8th: Apple Seizes 16 Domain Names From A Guy In One Fell Swoop – When you own domain names associated with the trademarks of a large company, more often than not, they’re going to file a complaint with the ICANN UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy). And more often than […]

Bookmarks for January 7th through January 8th

These are my links for January 7th through January 8th: Photograbber Downloads Tagged Photos of You from Facebook – Facebook – Lifehacker – The next time you're skimming Facebook and run across pictures your friends have posted, there's no need to monkey around asking for copies via email. Use Photograbber to snag them right off […]

Bookmarks for January 6th

These are my links for January 6th: HOW TO: Erase Your Online Past [HUMOR] – These days, it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep a good name unbesmirched. Surveys indicate that as many as half of hiring managers use search engines to screen job applicants, and 1 in 10 have rejected potential employees because of […]

Bookmarks for January 6th through January 7th

These are my links for January 6th through January 7th: HootSuite Now Lets You Update Your WordPress Blog – HootSuite, the popular Twitter app geared towards businesses and power users, has just issued yet another update to their web-based client, featuring the ability to post to the blogging platform, URL and content previews, and […]

Bookmarks for January 4th

These are my links for January 4th: Former Time Warner CEO Apologizes for “Worst Deal of the Century” [VIDEO] – Now that Time Warner and AOL are officially dissolved, those behind the deal – originally valued at $164 billion – are speaking out. This morning, former Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin and AOL co-founder Steve […]