Bookmarks for December 25th through December 27th

These are my links for December 25th through December 27th: 2009 As Seen Through Twitter Hashtags – You may have seen Twitter’s recently announced most discussed topics of ‘09. The list really highlights the gravity of this important year: A new US President was sworn into office, celebrities died and celebrities were born, there were […]

Daily Link Report for September 10th

This is the Daily Link Report for September 10th Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below To see all of our links please visit our Delicious page at TweetMixx: A Better Way to Track Twitter Trends and Topics – New web service TweetMixx is a bit like TweetMeme (Tweetmeme) […]

Google’s Caffeine Update – More power to Social Media

Google opened up its latest search engine update to the world yesterday. Though most of the changes are under the  hood and the basic user interface is the same, some subtle changes are occuring. One of which appears to be the the weight that social media profiles and pages rank in the SERPS. Patricio Robles […]

The Link Report for August 8th through August 10th

This is the Link Report for August 8th through August 10th: FriendFeed Co-Founder: Facebook Acquisition Talks Began in 2007 – The details! SEOmoz | 4 Essential SEO Infographics – Rand Fishkin at published a great post with Info Graphics that relate to SEO 2009 Facebook and Twitter Growth by Age Group | Ignite Social […]

A Twitter Spinoff Launches for Moms – Social Media Overload

So in January, Ms. Herrscher began thinking about ways to apply the principles of Twitter to her site. She wanted something where her readers “wouldn’t have to dig through the millions of people on Twitter to find moms, or moms in their area or moms with their common interests,” she said. “It’s a smaller, manageable […]