Facebook’s New Local Search

MarketingLand.com recently wrote about Facebook’s New Local Search “Test.” Apparently, Facebook is taking on Yelp and Zagat. The site is still in testing and is not in the Facebook app, but is on the mobile Web version. This is not the first time Facebook has tried to throw its weight around and take over a category (ie. Facebook […]

What Makes An Influencer – Hint It’s Not In The Numbers

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of influence on social media. For a while there, there seemed to be a formula, however flawed, for determining influence. It involved numbers: Your Facebook Likes Your subscriber count on Facebook Your subscriber count on Youtube Your Twitter Following Your Kred Score Your Peer Index Score Your Kout Score Linkedin […]

Social Media Privacy – Yes It Does Exist [Class]

How to secure and manage your privacy settings  on the major social networks. Special One Day Class About The Class We’ve all heard those stories of people’s “private” data and information on social media being shared with the public without their knowledge. This hour and a half class will address the various privacy settings on […]

Social Media In Philadelphia Is Growing By Leaps And Bounds

As a Philadelphia Social Media Marketing company, we at Goldstein Media have seen the growth of Social Media grow by leaps and bounds in the Philadelphia area over the past few years. More companies are embracing sites such as Foursquare, Google Places, Facebook, Twitter, among others to get to reach out to current and potential […]

Video: Networking Online and Off – Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

Networking is essential to starting, building and maintaining your business. Regardless of the economy networking is the key to success. Whether networking online through sites like Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter or in person, face-to-face networking like an after hours networking event, how you network and interact is key. The following video will explain my ideas […]

The Importance Of Having A Home Base Online

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about Social Media and the importance of having a home base which is fully in your control and all your own. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin are all great and have amazing value. They shouldn’t be ignored, but they also shouldn’t be the only place […]

What Zuckerberg As The Person Of The Year Means For All Of Us

So it’s old news. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Now most people won’t argue that Zuckerberg has been extremely influential in the world of technology and the Internet, but I would argue he’s made much more of an impact this year to everyone.

Facebook Marketing – Grow Your Business Using Facebook [Video]

Facebook has more than 500 million users. That would be the 3rd largest country in the world if it was one. The network is a great place for businesses to interact with their customers, clients and target market. Yet knowing how to do it right isn’t as easy as it looks.