Blogging Is A Great Way To Establish Yourself as an Influencer On Social Media

This blog post was originally posted on LinkedIn As a digital marketer, I’ve seen the power of the blog post. Blogging is how you showcase your knowledge on a subject and position yourself as an authority on that topic. By sharing your knowledge you’re making it known that you have something to say about the […]

The Many Reason Not To Do Social Media For Your Business

Alright, this headline is a bit misleading. To be honest there no reason to stop you from using  Social Media for your business. A recent study conducted states that the number one reason why companies don’t engage on Social Media or fail to follow through is TIME and RESOURCES. I totally understand that having the […]

Bookmarks for January 4th through January 6th

These are my links for January 4th through January 6th: Keep All Those Resolutions You Just Made: Try mySomeday – So, this year, you've resolved to lose weight, take a class, learn a new language and buy a better mobile device. Good for you – but we all know how well most new year's resolutions […]