When Dealing With An Angry Customer On Twitter, Follow Them.

It seems simple. You have an angry customer on Twitter. They are ranting at you publicly. You reach out to them and get a conversation started. They go to DM you and, oops, they can’t. You know why? Because you haven’t followed them back. This is a major mistake. The customer is willing to take […]

The Goldstein Media Podcast #1: Getting Started with Twitter

It’s our first podcast for Goldstein Media, which is very exciting. In this edition Seth talks about getting started with Twitter. [podcast]https://goldsteinmedia.com/podcasts/Goldstein-Media-Podcast-1-Getting-Started-With-Twitter.mp3[/podcast]

Comcast really does care. Especially @comcastcares

So Twitter really does have power, it really works. This month I got a shock in the mail. My Comcast bill arrived with a surprise. Apparently my promotional period had ended, sending my TV (not HDTV yet) from $39.99 to $95.65. I was horrified and immediately began to complain on Twitter. I shot a quick […]