Bookmarks for December 29th

These are my links for December 29th: 8 Things Every Geek Needs to Do Before 2010 – These tasks comprise a quick to-do list that will leave you feeling competent and prepared for the decade that approaches. Also, you can play the condescension chip and start chiding friends who haven't checked off these items yet. […]

Link Report for September 8th through September 9th

This is the Link Report for September 8th through September 9th: Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below To see all of our links please visit our Delicious page at WordPress Acquires Grammer Gramer Grammar Checking Software – Automattic has announced the acquisition of After the Deadline, a service […]

RUI – The steps to get to ROI

I got a Facebook message from a guru in the Social Media Marketing space tonight Shama Hyder. She wrote the members of her ACT Blueprint group on Facebook that there is something called RUI that always (and should) comes before ROI. What is RUI? RUI, or otherwise known as Resistance, Understanding, Integration, are the steps […]