Using Social Media to make something great

Okay well I hope it’s going to be great, but still I’m finding that using Social Media is a great way to organize people and share ideas and items. Myself and two other Social Media junkies, Neal Wiser and Phil Baumann are tossing around the idea to start a podcast for a small side project […]

Google Docs Ad Appeals to College Students – Creative Uses

On the Google posted a video on its YouTube Channel a very creative ad to appeal to the college crowd. In the ad a boy uses Google Docs to draft a note to ask a girl he met in French 101 out on a date. He uses the social sharing features to enlist the help […]

Is Google Evil?

In the most recent issue of Wired magazine, there is a rather lengthy article on Google and the US government’s fear of the search giant. The main question that arises is whether or not Google is Evil. Their mantra is “Don’t Be Evil,” but is the 11 year old company sticking to this slogan? I […]

A major problem with cloud computing reveals it’s ugly head

Recently Google screwed up. The search giant found a bug that shared unshared documents in Google’s famed Google Docs with others. According to their figures only affected 0.05% of users, the the implications are huge for the idea of putting everything in the cloud. Dear Google Docs user, We wanted to let you know about […]