S2 E23 – Pelpina Trip On Smart Phone Video

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Digital Marketing Dive
Digital Marketing Dive
S2 E23 - Pelpina Trip On Smart Phone Video

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Seth: Hey, Everyone, and welcome to season two, episode twenty-three of the Digital Marketing Dive Podcast. I’m Seth with Goldstein Media, and with me as always the amazing and talented Shannon of DIAM Business Consulting

This week we have our first international guest on the show, Pelpina Trip. She comes to us all the way from The Netherlands. Pelpina is best known her classes *online and off, about using your smartphone to do professional videos. She is the author of Video SmartTHE book on how to do professional videos using your smartphone.

Pelpina resides in The Netherlands with her husband and 3 kids.

  • What’s your origin story?
  • How did you first get into video?
  • What made you decide to venture into using a smartphone’s camera for professional videos?
  • How can small business owners utilize video in their daily activities?
  • What are some tricks you can share with us to get the most out of our smartphones for our businesses?
  • Do you edit the videos on your smartphone or do you just shoot with the phone and edit on a computer?

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Well, that was so much fun!

Reach out to us on DMD’s social media channels and let us know what challenges you are having with digital marketing. 

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