S2 E22 – Tamsen Webster and The Red Thread

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Digital Marketing Dive
Digital Marketing Dive
S2 E22 - Tamsen Webster and The Red Thread

In this episode, Seth and Shannon talk with Tamsen Webster the author of the new book Find Your Red Thread about how to make your ideas irresistible.

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  • Tweet length business snippets from a business innovator in Philadelphia with more than 15+ years of business experience.


Seth: Hey, Everyone, and welcome to season two, episode twenty-two of the Digital Marketing Dive Podcast. I’m Seth with Goldstein Media, and usually with me is the always amazing and talented Shannon of DIAM Business Consulting

Today we have Tamsen Webster the author of Find Your Red Thread. Which came out yesterday!!!!!

Tamsen is a strategist, keynote speaker, and “idea-whisperer.” Today she’s going to tell us about the red thread in your thinking and how to make your ideas stick and resonate with people. Welcome Tamsen,

  • Tell us a little about who you are and what you do.
  • You had the chance to organize and speak at a TEDx. What was that like?
  • Congratulations on your new book Find Your Red Thread. So what is the red thread? Why a thread and why red?
  • On your website you say “But the best ideas aren’t found. They’re built.” Can you go into more detail about that?
  • How can finding the red thread in an idea path help you be more productive as a small business owner or entrepreneur?
  • What are some key lessons you’ve told small business owners and entrepreneurs about idea building?

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Well, that was so much fun Tamsen. 

Reach out to us on DMD’s social media channels and let us know what challenges you are having with digital marketing. 

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That’s it for this episode, but we want to hear from you. Drop us an email at hello@digitalmarketingdive.com.

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