S2 E19 – Corey Haines Talks Brand Building, Community Building, and Entrepreneurship

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Digital Marketing Dive
Digital Marketing Dive
S2 E19 - Corey Haines Talks Brand Building, Community Building, and Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Seth and Shannon talk with Corey Haines of SwipeFiles.com about building a community, doing the entrepreneurial jump during Covid and much more!

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Seth: Hey, Everyone, and welcome to season two, episode nineteen of the Digital Marketing Dive Podcast. I’m Seth with Goldstein Media, and with me as always is the amazing and talented Shannon of DIAM Business Consulting.

Shannon, you ready to rock?

Today we have Corey Haines of SwipeFiles on the show. Corey is a seasoned marketers and brand builder, who is going to talk to us today about building a community, a brand for your business, doing elearning courses to educate people, and all about his love for the no-code revolution online.

Welcome Corey!

  • Tell us your background? How did you find your way into marketing?
  • Before becoming an entrepreneur, you worked in the tech/marketing world at Baremetrics, right? What was the journey like leaving that 9-5ish job to go out on your own?
  • What is a Swipe File?
  • What is Swipefiles.com?
  • Tell us about the community behind SwipeFiles.com?
  • How can small businesses use the swipe file technique? What are the benefits and how does one get a swipe file started?
  • Tell us about your courses (Mental Models for Marketing and Refactoring Growth).
  • You are also a podcaster. You have two shows. Tell us about them?
  • You’re a big proponent of the no-code movement? Why? How can no-code help the small business owner and entrepreneur?
  • What are some of your no-code tools?
  • You’re an entrepreneur and small business owner. How do you make time for all your projects, your family, and have a life outside of work?
  • We’re all slowly getting out of the Covid-19 pandemic, finally. How has the past year-plus affected you? How have you coped?

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Seth: Well, that was so much fun Shan. 

Shannon: It was great!! Reach out to us on DMD’s social media channels and let us know what challenges you are having with digital marketing. 

I want to shout out to Breesy Masks for keeping us covered in the craziness of 2021. These are by far the most comfortable masks I’ve worn. They are lightweight and moisture-wicking for a cool and comfortable experience. Check them out. The link is in the show notes!

Seth: If you’re enjoying the season, please feel free to give us a review in Apple Podcasts or the podcast directory of your choice. We appreciate all the support. If you feel so inclined check out PodChaser and give us a review there!

That’s it for this episode, but we want to hear from you. Drop us an email at hello@digitalmarketingdive.com. Also we have a community where you can interact with one another and with the guests. Check it out at Community.DMD.FM.

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