S2 E17 – Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Kerry Barrett On Getting The Most Out Of Your Online Brand Presence

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Digital Marketing Dive
Digital Marketing Dive
S2 E17 - Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Kerry Barrett On Getting The Most Out Of Your Online Brand Presence

In this episode, Seth and Shannon talk to Emmy Award-Winning journalist Kerry Barrett on how to get the most out of your online brand, online video, and presence online. Kerry has worked as a journalist for 20+ years and now brings her on-camera expertise to individuals and companies of all sizes.

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Seth: Hey, Everyone, and welcome to season two, episode seventeen of the Digital Marketing Dive Podcast. I’m Seth with Goldstein Media, and with me as always is the amazing and talented Shannon of DIAM Business Consulting.

Shannon, you ready to rock?

Today we have Emmy Award Winning Journalist and turned brand ambassador and video/brand presence expert Kerry Barrett of Kerry Barrett Consulting.

Welcome Kerry!

  • Tell us a little about your background? How did you find your way into journalism?
  • You’ve worked all over the country, including Philadelphia, how was each place different? We’re sure you have stories for each place.
  • How is work/life balance different now, being and entrepreneur, than it was as a TV journalist?
  • What is Kerry Barrett Consulting? What is your aim?
  • Let’s talk storytelling. It is such a buzz thing. How do you explain the process and the importance to potential clients in a concise way?
  • You’re very active on social media, especially LinkedIn, how do you balance social media time with work and life?
  • What’s your favorite social network? You’re on quite a bit. And very active.
  • How are you using digital marketing to help your clients gain exposure and grow their business?
  • What are some of the offerings that you do for your clients? What makes Kerry Barrett unique and special?
  • Tell us more about your Friday livestreams and your video podcast(s)
  • What have you taken from your time as a journalist and applied to your entrepreneur life?
  • Hardest thing about being an entrepreneur? The most rewarding?

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Seth: Well, that was so much fun Shan. 

Shannon: It was great!! Reach out to us on DMD’s social media channels and let us know what challenges you are having with digital marketing. 

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Seth: If you’re enjoying the season, please feel free to give us a review in Apple Podcasts or the podcast directory of your choice. We appreciate all the support. If you feel so inclined check out PodChaser and give us a review there!

That’s it for this episode, but we want to hear from you. Drop us an email at hello@digitalmarketingdive.com. Also we have a community where you can interact with one another and with the guests. Check it out at Community.DMD.FM.

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