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Seth Goldstein is one of the best podcasters I know. With a journalism background and extensive experience with marketing, Seth is able to distill the best points that resonate with an audience.  Coupled with experience and true understanding of effective use of social media, podcasting with Seth creates a powerful online presence. 

Jody Raines

President, WebMarCom LLC

Seth Goldstein and Goldstein Media have been helping me develop a podcast for my business, we are on track for launch. Seth has been extremely professional and helpful throughout the whole process. From the overall idea through the production and schedule. I highly recommend him.

Michael Bertoni

President and CTO,

Working with Seth has been great!  He is truly passionate about what he does and produces quality work.  Clients love the added content my podcasts offer, allowing me to also reach a larger audience.  I see true value in incorporating podcast content into my service.

Britney Kennedy

Founder, OnPoint Nutrition

Podcasting is the new way to bring your message and content into your customers ears.

  • More and more podcasts are becoming household names and your potential clients are spending their valuable time listening to podcasts.
  • We teach you how to incorporate a weekly or monthly podcast into your content marketing strategy in order to gain more customers.
  • We provide a full service podcast production solution that saves you time and helps you drive additional revenue for your business.

Make Your Podcast Dynamic, But SIMPLE

  • Podcasts are typically 30 minutes long.
  • Four simple to understand production formats:
      • Thought Leadership – Interview of yourself or key leadership on your team.
      • Product or Services Overview – Make your customers aware of what you do.
      • Case Studies – Review of client successes, testimonials or top customers.
      • Open Forum – Q&A based on challenges and issues your customers face.
  • Goldstein Media guides you step by step to achieve success with Podcasts:
    • Full Production Capabilities – environment, setup and industry best practices.
    • Upload to iTunes – creation and management of your iTunes channel.
    • Upload to YouTube – creation of management of your YouTube channel.
    • Upload to Website – creation and management of Website video channel.

So What Does Something Like This Cost?

That’s a valid question. As with most things, the price of podcast production can vary depending on the requirements and technology. The best way to give you an idea of cost is to provide an example:

Steve has a podcast. It airs every week on Wednesdays for about 30 mins, give or take a few minutes. He’s only publishing audio and is using Skype.

So using this example, he’s what Steve’s costs would be:

  • $400 setup fee (one time), to setup feed and submit the show to relevant distribution platforms. This also includes help with the acquisition of royalty free audio for the intro and outro of the show.
  • $100/episode for the live production cost. This to have a producer record the show and do all technical functions that need to happen while the show is being recorded.
  • $100/episode for the post-production cost. This would be any edits that are needed to the audio, inclusion of the intro bumper (the audio that tells people what they are listening to) and the outro bumper (anything that needs to be address at the end of the show).

The only additional costs that Steve might need to address are:

  • Hosting for the audio.
  • Website for the show. This is important to not only be taken seriously, but also to give more information about each episode.
  • Professional voice over work for intros and outros. We have talent that we can use.

What Are You Waiting For?

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