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My Take

Life is about exploring and sometimes that means taking risks. Being and entrepreneur is risky, but the rewards, both monetary and in freedom, are worth it in my opinion. As I round out recording the first 100 episodes of Entrepreneur’s Enigma (not all published), which I have to add is to me, I realize there is a red thread (h/t Tamsen Webster) of a narrative going through almost all of my guests’ stories. They went into entrepreneurship and took the risk for the freedom and in turn have fun with what they were doing.

Risk taking can be scary. If it’s not, it’s not really a risk, is it? But most times taking the jump to work for yourself where you’re in control of your destiny is well worth the risks to get to the rewards.

What do you think? Are you an entrepreneur, either full hustle or side hustle? Let me know how things are going!

Web Finds

A Bit Of A Brag!

For the third year in a row, Goldstein Media has been recognized as one of the best web developers in Philadelphia.

I know this is a vanity award and probably helps Expertise more than us, but I’m still proud of the team.

Podcast Of Note

Another podcast that’s very inside baseball for podcasting, but as a podcaster myself it’s interesting to hear different perspectives on the industry. Check them out at Podland.News.

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Until next week, stay curious!

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