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My Take

I was on Mordy Oberstein’s SEO Rant podcast on Friday and I had a blast. We ranted about how SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) isn’t rocket science. Does it take time to learn and fully (as if you can ever fully understand it) SEO, yes. But you don’t need to have a degree in rocketry and robotics to figure out how to get your site ranked in Google and the other search engines. You just don’t. Anyone who makes it seem that way is full of bull poop.

As we discussed in the podcast, SEO is really about common sense. Write good content, make sure it’s relevant, make sure you have your meta data correct and the search engines will find your content and rank it accordingly.

What baffles me is that people will keyword stuff their articles thinking that this helps. It might have in the past, but with the recent Helpful Content Update (aka HCU), it can actually hurt your chances more than help.

The best suggestion I have for people wanting to learn more about podcasts is to follow relevant people in the SEO space on social media. Also Read the industry blogs like Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, etc.

Mordy is an excellent host and co-hosts two other great SEO podcasts that you should subscribe to: Edge of the Web Radio (with Erin Sparks) and SERPS UP (with Crystal Carter).

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Bonus Tip From Chelsea Craig of Rhino Reviews

Does responding to reviews really matter? YES!

62% of negative reviewers would give a local brand a second chance after an owner response solves their problem.

When it comes to responding, there are 2 important things to remember:

1 – Response time. Responding to reviews within 24 hours shows the reviewer that you value their feedback and helps maintain that relationship. It also shows potential customers that you care as they are judging your commitment to customer service.

2 – Be professional. When it comes to responding, especially to negative reviews, it may be tempting to explain your side or provide details to defend yourself, but don’t do it. Keep yourself professional, brief, and ask the customer to reach out to you privately to speak further.

-Chelsea Craig, Rhino Reviews

Until next week, stay curious!

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Seth on SEO Rant album art

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I had the pleasure of being on Mordy Oberstein’s SEO Rant podcast. I have to say this guy is a hoot and his podcast is

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