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Mastodon is not Twitter. There I said it. It never was in my opinion. It’s definitely Twitter-like, but with the federation of different instances (or if it helps topic servers) it’s honestly better than Twitter. It still has it’s challenges with moderation, but not nearly as complex as Elon Musk is dealing with over at Twitter.

I have a good friend that met on Twitter a while back. I got him to finally move to a Mastodon instance. He’s struggling because he’s trying to treat it exactly like the Twitter. There is no algorithm suggesting accounts or topics to you on Mastodon. And you know what? That’s a beautiful thing. Just start following interesting people you find on your instance or in the “Federated” timeline.

I’ve had some fantastic conversations with people I know and others that I just met on Mastodon and it’s been great. Now this isn’t saying that there aren’t bad people on Mastodon, but as a user you can block whole servers which house these jerks on your own.

Who knows what’s going to happen with Twitter. But what I do know, Mastodon is here to stay.

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