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The power of Twitter lies not in who owns it but the discourse and information sharing that occurs on it. For marketers of all kinds, this is extremely valuable. To others in different industries, it really depends.

The latest antics by Elon Musk over the amount of spam on Twitter and his possible pull out makes many people wonder if there is a cash flow issue. Is he getting cold feet? Is his mouth bigger than his wallet? Was this all a sham? Who really knows. The only person who does is Musk, if he even does.

There is power in the Twitter-verse. Selling it to Musk, which is still a possibility, would scare more people away and potentially harm the value of the service (not monetarily per se, but in usefulness). More trolls and bad actors would re-appear from being banned.

I know many who have decided to jump to Mastodon for their micro-blogging needs. And other professionals have moved to focus on LinkedIn for business communication and sharing. Both these moves are good ones. But I don’t think Twitter is going away anytime soon, and hopefully it will be under a non-Musk leadership.

What do you think? Hit reply and let me know.

Web Finds

  • Poundland has made a costly ecommerce mistake and here’s why
    Poundland is a UK version of the Dollar Store we have in the US. Luke Carthy, a well known SEO, breaks down how the brand missed so many opportunities in their ecommerce expansion.
  • The May 2022 Core Update To Google Is Now Fully Out
    I find it a little bit funny that Google makes these Core Update announcements when it’s clear that they are constantly (weekly often) making changes to the algorithm. Though I guess it’s a good thing to know when something big has changed. Thoughts?
  • FAQ Pages for SEO (+ Examples & Best Practices)
    FAQ pages, also known as Frequently Asked Questions pages, are extremely important for both visitors to your site and SEO. These pages let you answer the common and most asked questions in one spot. Google and other search engines also use these FAQ pages for their search result pages. So make sure they hav the right schema markup and that they are high quality.
  • Instagram seems to have completely stopped caring about its users
    I don’t mind the ads per se in Instagram. I do agree there are too many of them. I don’t think Mashable is too far off with the assumption that Instagram and it’s parent company Meta is starting to make the experience second to making money on ads. Thoughts?
  • LinkedIn announces Business Manager
    Like the author said, what took them so long. This new business manager platform will make helping clients so much easier. And you know what? Make more money for LinkedIn. So it’s a win/win.
  • Twitter removes nofollow attribute from links in tweets
    This means that theoretically all the links from Tweets and bios in the Twitter ecosystem will pass link juice. But will Google and the other search engines count these links? It’s bound to get abused quickly and if Twitter didn’t mean to do this, the search engines will disavow links from Twitter regardless to avoid unnecessary volatility.
  • Clubhouse’s Latest Strategic Shift Points to Concerning Signs for the App’s Future
    I never got into social audio. I couldn’t get into Clubhouse or Twitter spaces. It’s a shame to see an topic making and innovative company like Clubhouse lose, especially when the an incumbent wins (Twitter). Do you think this is the end of Clubhouse? Will it go the way of Meerkat? Remember that app?
  • Can Yep compete with Google?
    In his latest newsletter, SEO great Kevin Indig discusses Ahref’s new search engine Yep and if it can actually take on the Google behemoth. A worthwhile read.

Podcast Recommendation

The VIQ Project Podcast Album Art
The VIQ Project podcast is hosted by Kerry Barrett, an Emmy award winning reporter and anchor turned video and on-air coach. This podcast interviews various industry experts and draws from Kerry’s years of journalism and on-air experience. It’s a must listen to podcast.

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