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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big proponent of open source. Not only is it good for the project to allow the code to be audited by anyone to keep bad actors at bay, but projects like WordPress are also way more portable and accessible because they are open-source and have a big community behind them.

I have a friend in the SEO space, Mordy Oberstein, who works for Wix. Wix isn’t open source. It’s locked down. I’m not saying it’s not a great platform, it’s pretty neat, but taking your site out of the Wix system means a complete redesign.

One of the biggest legacy arguments against Wix was it’s lack of SEO-prowess, but that’s changed, and it’s not half bad now. But you’re stuck with what Wix decides you need for SEO, where as with WordPress there are a variety of SEO plugins to choose from that all have a similar yet different take on implementing SEO.

Open-source and especially the self-hosted variety, like, makes it more accessible for companies who want to be independent from their designers with hosting. Even if they have the agency hosts and maintains the site, WordPress is so ubiquitous that it can be take over by another agency easily.

Currently, I’m working with a design-build remodeling company on their new site, the current site needs to move off their old agency’s servers before September due to that agency closing up shop. Because of the ubiquity of WordPress, I can do this quite easily.

Now the argument could be made that with Wix and the other closed-source competitors, there is no changing of servers just changing of credentials, if even that. True. But if Wix were to close up shop, which is doubtful, moving your site would be a hassle at best.

Another thing, with open-source is there is built in transparency, if there is a flaw, it will be uncovered and responsibly disclosed. With closed-source systems, we just don’t have that guarantee.

I guess what it boils down to is what you’re most comfortable using and what you like/prefer.

What do you think? Do you prefer open-source or the closed systems? Let me know. Hit that reply button.

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