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I went to my first networking social happy hour in a long while. It wasn’t a dinner put on by Pavilion, it was just a happy hour put on my Greencastle Consulting at their offices in Malvern, PA. It felt good to get out and socialize away from the computer. Their offices have a great bar area that is fully stocked with all kinds of libations and food. It’s quite impressive.

What this made me realize is that I’m really rusty with the whole networking. I do one-on-ones all the time on Zoom and what not, but networking with a crowd is completely different. I had to find my business cards and casually insert myself into conversations without being a jerk. It was a mind-tiring exercise even for this extrovert.

As the world moved to a Covid-present existence, we’re going to have to emerge from our bunkers and venture out again to meet people face-to-face. Sometimes even in groups.

My goodness the event was tiring. But well worth it.

Have you been venturing out more? Hit reply and let me know all about it.

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