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I’ve been quite busy with new client work here at Goldstein Media. I feel very fortunate to have this work coming in. Thursday, last week, as I was working on launching a site for a client, I stopped and thought about how I need to invest more in myself and learn more about my industry, not just work in it.

It’s all about how I can improve on investing in myself. So I went back and listened to a bunch of the first season of Entrepreneur’s Enigma and really dove into what other entrepreneurs were saying on the shows and took notes. I went back to the first two seasons of Digital Marketing Dive and did the same thing.

It’s important to not be on autopilot all the time and really consider how you can better yourself in work and in life.

I did two podcasts today (4/1/2022) that will be coming out in the coming weeks for Entrepreneur’s Enigma. Both guest had some interesting things to say about focusing on your wellbeing and when to move on the next best thing either at your company or at a different company.

Do you invest in yourself? If so how?

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Podcast Of Note

Mike Simmons is a sales coach, advisor, public speaker, owner of Catalyst Sale and the host of Find My Catalyst. This podcast is all about finding out how to be better at business, sales, SaaS and so much more. Mike has some amazing guest. It’s worth going back and listing to some of the almost 300+ episodes of this show.

The Latest From Entrepreneur’s Enigma and Digital Marketing Dive

Annie P. Ruggles Album Art for Entrepreneur's Enigma
Ethan Beute on Digital Marketing Dive album art

Until next week! Keep learning and growing!

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