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My Take

I’ve interviewed lots of people both as a journalist and as a podcaster. I’ve noticed something… being humble is an art form.

Some of the biggest names I’ve had on the Entrepreneur’s Enigma and Digital Marketing Dive podcasts have every right to be boastful and arrogant, but I’m always amazed by how humble and down to earth they are. Then there are the few that think they are God’s gift to their vertical. Whether it be podcasting, social media, digital marketing, traditional marketing, etc.

The contrast is drastic. I’m not saying that these boastful people are intentionally being full of themselves, I’m not saying they’re bad, what I am saying is that it always surprises me who is and who isn’t.

In marketing there are some big names that could and even should be full of themselves but are in fact very humble and very generous with their time. I can’t say I was surprised when I interviewed Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneur’s Enigma that he was a nice, humble person. But he could very well have been boastful and obnoxious because to be honest — he is a huge deal.

I think what it boils down to is how secure the people are in their own skin. They all can be proud, but sometimes it comes across as arrogant and self-absorbed.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this. What do you think?

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Until next week! Stay curious!

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