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Marketing Junto | Alternatives To Big Tech

Editorial Note: I’ve decided to move Marketing Junto back into the fold with Goldstein Media. So it will no longer be hosted at The archives will live on in the Newsletter Vault here on Please bear with me as I iron out all the kinks. Thanks, Seth — PS. This issue is coming out a day early, because I’m taking the day off tomorrow for my birthday. 🚀🎂

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With Twitter going to Elon Musk, Google taking away Universal Analytics, and Facebook deciding to not go into the podcasting arena, internet users have to wonder, is there a better way.

When society relies on big tech for everything, we’re at their mercy when they decide to sunset something.

Recently Google has decided that it wants everyone on it’s new GA4 analytics platform. So they gave warning that they are sunsetting Universal Analytics in 2023 and will only be supporting GA4 which is completely different. Site owners and web professionals alike roared in anger over this decision. But it’s free and controlled by Google, who is notorious for sunsetting tools that people like and use on a regular basis.

This is why, I’ve started looking for alternatives to big tech. For Twitter there’s Mastodon, for Instagram there’s Pixelfed, for Facebook there’s plenty of services that I haven’t looked into yet. And finally for Google Analytics, as I’ve highlighted before there are quite a few great alternatives that I’m using right now. The newest is Matomo.Cloud, which is the most full featured and Google Universal Analytics-like.

Matomo can be self-hosted, but I opted to have them host it for me. It’s not too expensive either. I’m playing ~$20 USD for it a month. Best part, I’m not the product, since I’m paying for it, my data is my data. The data is hosted in the European Union, and because I can self-host it, it’s portable to your own instance if you so choose to go that direction.

So what’s the point to this ramble? I’m glad you asked. Now that it’s quite clear (and it actually has been for a while, to be honest), that big tech doesn’t have its users in mind when it makes changes, it’s time to take our data and find alternatives.

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