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My Guest’s Take

This week I’m sharing the thoughts of a good friend of mine Kerry Campion from She is a content writer and marketer from Ireland, based in Spain. Enjoy!

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I did a podcast interview criticizing hustle culture and I regret it.

A few months back, Seth had me on the Entrepreneur’s Enigma podcast and we chatted about the dangers of hustle culture.

A quote that’s burned into my living memory was me saying “I want to make as much money as possible, doing as little as possible.”

And I truly regretted saying that.

I thought:

“What if people think I’m a lazy good-for-nuthin'”?

“What if people think I’m out to grab my clients’ hard-earned cash and run off to the Bahama’s to sit on my butt and drink Mojitos on their dollar?”

But those very fears are a symptom of how deeply ingrained toxic productivity can become in our lives.

We worry that if we’re not seen being productive at all the hours God sends in a day then we’re “lazy.”

But playing with my 2 year old daughter isn’t lazy.

Whipping up fresh, nutritious meals every single day (yes EVERY day) isn’t lazy.

Going for a hike with my dog isn’t lazy.

Prioritizing my marriage and spending time with my husband isn’t lazy.

Maybe we need to stop thinking that the only way to be “productive” or “worth-while” in our respective societies is by working.

After all, nobody on their deathbed has ever said; “I wish I’d spent more time working.”

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Creative Pep Talk is a podcast by a guy named Andy J. Pizza. He is a graphic designer among other creative endeavors. Andy’s very upbeat and personable. Check out the show here. His album art is incredible, which is to be expected.

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Until next week, stay curious!

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