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Wow, 2022 is finally over. It was quite the year. I know a lot of people went through some tough stuff in ’22, here’s to 2023 being much better.

I’m hoping to start the year of strong with some great clients on the Goldstein Media side. I also have some great podcast episodes coming out for Entrepreneur’s Enigma, including my 100th episode. Holy crap! 100 episodes. That’s huge. Especially in podcasting where most people don’t make it past 10 episodes.

I’m hoping to keep it going for at least another 100, if not more.

I recently decided to build out a community for those 99 or so guests that I’ve had thus far on the podcast to mingle and network. I’m hoping it’ll take off in the new year and be a great spot for people to mix, mingle, and grow.

So let’s raise a glass to 2023! 🥂 Here’s to a great one everyone!

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Podcast Of Note

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A new show has just launched on the Marketing Podcast Network called Tiny Giants. Hosted by T. Adeola, this show highlights the creator economy from the business side of things not the side fame/fortune. Check it out. New episodes drop every Tuesday and Thursday!

Latest From Entrepreneur’s Enigma

Matt Bailey Album Art for Entrepreneur's Enigma.
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Until next week, stay curious!

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