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I’m very big on networking. I like meeting people and finding out what they do. Since the pandemic hit in February/March 2020, I’ve had to switch my networking mentality from in-person networking to online networking.

With this switch to virtual something was lost. The connection felt when you’re talking to someone in real life, was absent. But something, and many would say a number of things, changed for the better. Now I was able to meet people face-to-face through Zoom (et. al) from all over the world.

Groups like came online and groups like Beacon here in the Delaware Valley, started doing virtual meetings. With these meetings, I saw a lot of attempts to make them like the business card exchanges of the pre-pandemic world. With breakout rooms, this was somewhat accomplished. But I noticed that the 1:1 that you would get at a business card exchange in person was lost. So, I started making it a habit to meet new people on LinkedIn and in these various groups and scheduling 1:1’s with them where I could learn more about them individually and have quality conversations. And you know this plan worked. My network grew, my business, though it didn’t grow as great as it did before the pandemic, grew.

Overall, 1:1s online are fantastic. And now that the world has opened up, I’m still doing these virtual 1:1s first and if the conversation turns into something where we should get coffee in real life, then I make it happen. It’s become away to meet people and not commit to a drive to meet them without knowing it’ll be worthwhile.

Do you guys do 1:1s, especially online? If you haven’t you needs to start. If your nervous, don’t be. The worse that happens is that the meeting is awkward, and you move on.

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Podcast Of Note

The Google Search Relations team has a podcast, which rather entertaining. It’s called Search Off the Record. John Mueller and his cohorts talk about all things Google search in often hilarious hypothetical scenarios. Often what’s said on this podcast can be found being pondered on over on Twitter in the SEO community, which can also be quite entertaining to watch. If you’re interested in SEO and also what Google wants to talk about in relation to search, check this podcast out.


This week I want to highlight a great scheduling service I use daily, sometimes hourly. SavvyCal* is different from other scheduling services because of the ease of use. SavvyCal allows you to overlay your web calendar over the person you’re scheduling with to see where convenient times are. Check it out today!

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