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Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as AI, is not and should not be here to do everything for us. AI is a great aid to help us get past writer’s block, come up with an image when we can’t find the right one of our own. AI image generation is a great alternative to stock photography, but not a replacement. AI writing engines absolutely should not be used to write blog posts verbatim. Both of these tools should be used sparingly and to aid in the creation of content.

I’m lucky enough to talk to some founders who are using AI to help out business. From curating content to helping find the right image, these founders are aiming to help our work lives be easier — not replace us.

In the coming months, I hope to be allowed by these founders to highlight them in this newsletter and talk about them in more detail, but for now, I can tell you I’m very excited for what AI can deliver and HELP us with.

Google in late-August early-September put out the Helpful Content Update, this took aim at bad content and rewarded quality content. Nothing an AI writer can write on its own is going to be excellent. It will take massaging and human input and definitely some rewriting. So, beware of these services that claim that their AI will do everything for you in the writing process with minimal work on your part.

Technology Journalist and Pundit, Mike Elgan on last Wednesday’s This Week in Google podcast shared his fear of these copy writing AI bots. He fears that if humans don’t write and express themselves through writing that the skill of writing will atrophy and that would be a very bad thing. The whole episode is a good one (coming in at just over 2 hours). But Mike has a point, writing is a skill that needs to be used or it will be lost.

What do you think? Hit reply and let me know your thoughts!

Here’s a bonus treat. AI took 20 pictures of me and made me a bobblehead

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Casey Newton, formerly of the tech news publication The Verge, now writes for himself at Platformer. This Substack-powered newsletter is a premium ($5/mo) newsletter that is worth the hype. Casey gets insider knowledge from the tech giants about what’s going on inside the ivory towers. Lately he’s done amazing coverage on what’s going on at Elon Musk’s Twitter. He even had an interview conducted with someone from the company via Google Docs. That’s clever reporting that I never thought of doing. You can sign up for free and get one issue a week, but it’s worth paying for to support this kind of journalism.

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