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New York Public Schools have banned ChatGPT citing rampant cheating. I can see how artificial intelligence (AI) can be a problem in education. Educators’ concerns about bias in the AI and the accuracy is valid. But how are they going to keep it out? Kids will always try, and sometimes find, a way around the rules and regulations.

While this does concern me, especially since I’m a father of a school-aged child, the benefits might eventually outweigh the downsides. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is incorporating ChatGPT into it’s search results. This might give it an edge up on it’s archrival Google. At least in the short term.

I believe that ChatGPT can be used as a great starting point for projects of all kinds. From plugins for WordPress to helping writers get through writer’s block. But it will be abused as well. We need to setup safeguards to detect and discourage this.

Have you tried ChatGPT or any other AI chatbots? Let me know your thoughts.

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