How A Simple Side Hustle Turned Into The Main Entrepreneurial Gig For Joe Singer.

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Joe Singer was working hard in the CRM business, when his software developer came to him with a neat, innovative, new idea for business intelligence. Joe, who is a 20 year veteran of the entrepreneurial space, jumped on the idea and Merged Analytics was born. Merged Analytics helps companies connect with their website visitors without using the dreaded cookies.

Joe Singer is a fellow Fighting Blue Hen (University of Delaware). He has been both in corporate America and on his own. He is currently the Co-Founder of Merged Analytics.

Joe resides in Connecticut with his wife and two kids. During the recording of this episode, we had to deal with a little internet wackiness, but all-in-all, we rolled with it and here you go. Just like in entrepreneurship, you have to roll with what you have.

Find out more about Joe and Merged Analytics on LinkedIn.

<Listen To The Episode Here>

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