Entrepreneur’s Enigma Episode 22 – The OG Of Podcasting Evo Terra Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey In The Podcasting Space

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Hey All!

I interviewed one of the podcasting greats, Evo Terra. He started podcasting in 2004 and it soon became a career for him.

Evo has done all kinds of podcasts over the years, his latest, Podcasts Pontifications, is his gift to the podcasting universe. On the show, he shares his knowledge of the medium and help improve it.

Evo also runs Simple Media, a podcast consultancy where he helps companies launch their own podcasts. And, as if he’s not busy enough, he runs Advancing Podcasting, an online community for people who want to advance the art and field of podcasting.

Find and engage with Evo on Twitter at @evoterra.

>> Listen to the episode <<

That’s it for now. We have some great episode of Entrepreneur’s Enigma coming up so be sure to subscribe in the podcast player/directory of your choice!

Have a fantastic and productive Tuesday!

– Seth

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