Entrepreneur’s Enigma Episode 21 – Corey Haines Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey

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Hey All!

I’m a bit behind on getting this newsletter out this week. Today was a busy day. But better late than never. I had a great episode with Corey Haines about his journey into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

I’ve known Corey for about a year now. He’s the founder and community manager of the SwipeFiles.com Community and many other things across the interwebs.

Corey has worked with some amazing brands in the Software-as-a-Service sector, including Baremetrics and currently SavvyCal.com.

In this episode Corey talks about his Entrepreneurial Journey from an in-house marketer to being out in the world on his own and building products and businesses.

You can find more about Corey at his website: CoreyHaines.co

>> Listen to the episode <<

That’s it for now. We have some great episode of Entrepreneur’s Enigma coming up so be sure to subscribe in the podcast player/directory of your choice!

Have a fantastic and productive Tuesday!

– Seth

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