Entrepreneur’s Enigma Episode 20 – Troy Ritchie About His Road As An Entrepreneur, Author, And Speaker

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Hey All!

Troy Ritchie is the author of You Got It; Now Go Get It!: Realizing once and for all just how high you can fly” and the Daily Wake Up Micro Podcast. He is also the founder and chief storyteller of Boom Intelligence Group.

Troy had been called the “clean Gary Vee” and “This Generation’s Mr. Rodgers.” Those are big shoes to fill. Especially the second one. Troy is prolific on LinkedIn and on social media, so he’s definitely someone to follow.

>> Listen to the episode <<

That’s it for now. We have some great episode of Entrepreneur’s Enigma coming up so be sure to subscribe in the podcast player/directory of your choice!

Have a fantastic and productive Tuesday!

– Seth

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