YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. It’s a great platform to begin a successful ad campaign. With two different, unique options available, YouTube Trueview ads can bring your content to people in new and engaging ways.

In-stream ads

Trueview in-stream ads are the videos that play before the video.

The videos feature a “Skip Ad” button after the first five seconds of the ad and feature a link to a landing page from the advertiser.

In-stream ads have pricing models on a view per video basis where you only pay if the video is viewed for its entire duration and on a per click basis. These two options give marketers options on how to spend their ad revenues; they only have to invest where it is most likely to create an acquisition from interested users.

In-stream ads can be an unwelcome distraction from the original content. Because of this, the ad must be captivating enough to grab the users attention, all within the first five minutes.

As any savvy marketer knows, targeting criteria are important. Users will most definitely skip past the in-stream ads not relevant to the video content.

YouTube offers great filtering options and analytics to target your audience.

In-display ads

In-display ads are another great way to advertise on YouTube.

These ads appear as videos at the top of the recommended videos list to the right of YouTube video screen area and in YouTube’s home-screen promoted videos section.

Unlike In-stream ads, In-display ads take users to a designated YouTube page to learn more about a product, service or company.

By keeping the user in YouTube space, In-display ads are less intrusive than In-stream ads. Because of this they are more suited for brands wanting to promote awareness rather than achieve a pure acquisition.

Much like In-stream ads, in-display ads need a good a thumbnail and title. These elements can entice users to deviate away from their original content selection. They enhances the likelihood the visitor will visit your channel.

The YouTube Trueview ad platform is growing as an essential part to a brand’s success online.

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Bret Brachman-Goldstein

Bret Brachman-Goldstein

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