Have you had this experience? You have a great conversation with a prospect and the moment money is mentioned, you’d swear that if they could evaporate on the spot, they would.

People get weird as soon as money is brought up, as if business were really about people just having fun and doing things for each other.

Is it because they don’t have money? Sure, if you have a $5000 solution and your prospect has $500, you’re going to have a hard time convincing her.

But what if they have the means to pay? You’d be surprised at how often this is the case, even if you’re always being pounded for deals. So what’s happening here?

You may have failed to prove your value and establish trust

People don’t care what you say, they care what others say about you. Your prospects are hungry for social proof. They want to know that people like them went to you for a solution and that you provided an exceptional experience. Trust is the new currency online.

Reviews provide social proof

Did you know that 88% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations? That’s huge! This is an opportunity! That means that one of your most important online assets are your collection of rave five-star reviews.

Marketing Game Changer #1
Search for a business in Google and right away you can see their reviews in Google Maps, on Facebook, Yelp and many other review sites. You can’t hide your reputation.

Marketing Game Changer #2
Reviews act as validation for all your other types of marketing: your website, social media, offline advertising, word of mouth, and search engine optimization.

Marketing Game Changer #3
None of those aforementioned marketing channels are effective anymore have bad reviews. If you have no reviews, you’ve still diminished your efforts by that much.

92% of your potential customers are reading reviews before making a choice to call

Reviews act as a tremendous trust factor that may be lacking from your sales and marketing.  Imagine the next time someone asks you why your price is so high that you pull out your tablet and show them the dozens of glowing five-star reviews, while you proudly say, “That’s why.”

In this series we’re going to tell you how to build your five-reputation online and what pitfalls to avoid. It’s within your reach to guide what people are saying about you online and turn it into increased numbers of leads. Stay tuned so you know what to do

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Brian Griffiths

Brian Griffiths

Director - Local SEO and Reputation Management at Goldstein Media LLC
Brian Griffiths is the Director of Local SEO and Reputation Management. He is a reputation marketing pro and helps businesses market themselves by making them look like true professionals in their fields.
Brian Griffiths

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