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If you put on any kind of live event during the course of business, you need to be thinking about adding the value of live streaming to your content marketing strategy.

Keeping pace with the blistering speeds of change in technology and social media, live streaming is quickly moving from a brand new novelty to a baseline expectation in the world of live events. Live streaming allows anyone that you give access to watch your events live over any internet connection, increasing your reach and doubling your impact.

Generating live streams of your seminars, speaker events, keynotes, workshops, and training sessions is an easy way to increase your exposure by an order or magnitude and get more bang for your buck out of your live events.

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Geography Is No Longer A Reason Not To Attend

Streaming removes the bottlenecks of geography and venue, so that your standing-room only auditorium keynote speech in Philadelphia can be watched simultaneously by your audience in Chicago, from any laptop or mobile device.

Live streaming is a great way to reach people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend an event, as well as connecting with new fans who haven’t been given a reason to see you live yet.

How Can We Help?

Goldstein Media can enable your next event with live streaming capability by offering a full array of services and the expertise of a trained journalist and multimedia producer. Our team has the know-how to develop the right type of stream for your event, from casual to structured, by casting a broad net and capturing the atmosphere and energy of an event, or narrowing the focus and conducting interviews with attendees, vendors, performers, sponsors and organizers.

You provide the WiFi or cellular* connection, and we do everything else. Our service is platform agnostic, and can set up live streams for Periscope, YouTube, Facebook,, or any other video streaming service to directly target the platforms that your audience already use.

Recorded video can easily be reused as collateral for other content marketing avenues, including podcasts, press releases, and blog posts. Live streaming also offers a great value-added incentive for vendors and sponsors of your event due to the increased reach for promotion.

Contact us today to learn more about our new live streaming support services.

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*Using cellular will be subject to an additional data fee of $20/GB

The Low Down 

  • A new way to reach people who normally wouldn’t be able to attend an event
  • Increased exposure for your event/company/organization
  • Multiple platforms (platform agnostic)
    • Facebook Live
    • Periscope
    • Google’s live streaming option (Coming soon? Rumor.)
  • Easily recorded to be reused for later collateral (podcasts, press releases, blog posts, etc.)
  • Great incentive for vendors/sponsors at your event
    • Increased reach/exposure of promotion
  • Trained journalist and multimedia producer
    • Will be able to develop the right type of stream for your event
      • Casual – Capture the atmosphere and overall feeling of the event
      • Structured – Interview attendees, vendors, performers, sponsors, organizers

Resources Needed

  • Good Wifi or Cellular Signal*
  • Good lighting is a plus, but not required

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