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Fastly CDN Went Down This Morning. It Broke Most Of The Net.

The Fastly CDN, that powers most of the Internet went down early this morning. It is back up and running now, but if you were up at 6 am Eastern you might have noticed your site was down. We got a plethora of alerts as well.

Our hosting provider uses Fastly to make our sites “zippy”. This is an anomaly that brought down a huge swath of the Internet. Including CNN, BBC, Target, the UK government websites, and even Amazon.

On Tuesday morning, many of the websites we rely on daily, including Amazon, Reddit, Twitch, Pinterest, and, unfortunately, CNET went offline due to a major outage at a service called Fastly. Everywhere you looked, there were 503 errors and people complaining they couldn’t access key services and sites.

At around 2.58 a.m. PT/5.58 a.m. ET, Fastly noted an error on its status update page that said: “we’re currently investigating potential impact to performance with our CDN [content delivery network] services.” Shortly thereafter, reports of major news publications including the BBC, CNN, and the New York Times being offline emerged on Twitter. Twitter itself was still running, although the server that hosted its emojis went down, leading to some odd-looking tweets.


We have checked all of the sites hosted with us and they are fully operational. If for any reason there are issues, please reach out.

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