You see them everywhere. They’re on Magazines, Billboards, Websites, Business Cards, Place Mat and signs.

1 in 5 Americans Say They’ve Used A QR Code

QR Code Usage By Country

The Marketing Charts Website reports:

19% of American consumers have used a QR code, per results [pdf] from a Pitney Bowes survey released this month. Of the 4 countries analyzed by the study, the US ranked first in QR code use, ahead of the UK (15%), Germany (14%), and France (12%). While on average, 15% of consumers across those countries report having used a QR code, that percentage rises to 27% among 18-34-year-olds.

Looking at where these QR codes are most often captured, the report reveals that magazines (at 15% of the total sample) are first, followed by mail (13%) packaging (13%), posters (10%), websites (8%), email (5%), and TV (4%).

QR Codes Make It Easy For People To Connect With Your Brand

QR Codes make it easy for smart phone users with bar-code scanning applications to interact with your brand is many more ways then they used to.

  • Exchange Contact Information
  • Link to a Web Address
  • Share Some Secret Text

The Possibilities are Endless

There are two kinds of QR Codes. The standard QR Code that looks like a square of scrambled black dots and the Microsoft Tag.


Both are neat and offer a wide range of possibilities. The above images both interact with the user, but neither are customized for a brand. That’s where Goldstein Media comes in.

We can take a custom QR code or Tag and brand it with your logo. This will set your custom QR codes or Microsoft Tags apart from the rest.

Here are some samples:

glenn-gabe-custom-qr-code   jody-webmarcom-custom-qrcode


As you can see there is now brand recognition or a design that sets your codes apart so they catch the viewers eye.

So How Much Does A Custom QR Code or Microsoft Tag Cost?

Prices for Custom QR Codes range from $100 to $400 and Custom Microsoft Tags range from $300 – $800 (depending on complexity).

How Can We Find Out More?

Give Goldstein Media a call at (215) 352-5216 or Email Us at information[at]goldsteinmedia[dot]com.