Bookmarks for March 7th through March 11th

These are my Delicious links for March 7th through March 11th:

  • What Should You Do When You Get Canned? – Search Engine Watch (SEW) – Seasons change, time passes. People change. Goals change. Objective alignments change. Technology changes. The entire country is drunk on the concept of change. For a whole lot of reasons, and at one time or another, everyone has gotten the axe.
  • Lawmaker wants Google Maps to blur certain buildings | Webware – CNET – Imagine if all the hospitals, schools, churches, and government buildings that appear on online maps were nothing but blurs.
  • How To Create Good Copywriting For Conversions | WebProNews – SEO has a crucial role in the success of your Internet venture, but SEO by itself is not the "be all and end all" or only factor in that success (– gasp – the SEO said what??). SEO is an absolute must, but increased rankings and drawing more visitors is only the beginning…
  • SEOmoz | Google's Sandbox Still Exists: Exemplified by – For many in the SEO field, Google's "sandbox," a filter the search quality team created to help fight spam, is a relic of days gone by. However, we've been spotting new cases over the last few years, and I finally found a great example to share publicly (and got permission from the site owner)., and the four subdomains underneath it –,, & are all under pronounced effects that highlight this algorithmic element's impact.
  • Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere? – Depending on which numbers you source or believe, all reports agree that the blogosphere continues to expand globally.
  • The Definitive List of Local Search Directories You Need To List With. | eMarketing Matador – With most local business searches happening online through local search engines and local search directories, local search marketing and local search advertising are more important than ever. A huge part of local search optimization is the local search directory. There are now dozens of places online to find local businesses, so knowing how to submit to and get listed with all these local search sites and directories is extremely important to today’s local business.
  • Local Search 101, Part 2 – Search Engine Watch (SEW) – As a quick follow up to "Local Search 101, Part 1," I'd like to add that there's a growing list of sites to get listed on. Keith Hagen, who commented on the article, posted this link to his site that keeps a list of local search engines and directories. It's a good idea to check this list for more providers to get listed on, as the list will continue growing.
  • Trends – March – ASTD – Here’s a scenario to give trainers pause. You’re presenting at a conference. Minutes into your session, a number of people are tapping furiously on their phones or reading incoming messages. Most of these people get up and leave the room, while another bunch trickles in. At least a third of the audience continues tapping out short bursts of text throughout your presentation. It’s as if you aren’t there.
  • New Trending and Search Features Coming on Twitter | Pistachio – Brian Chappell at Ignite Social Media in North Carolina was one of the recently selected users given access to test Twitter’s new search and trending features. Twitter announced on their blog that a random subset of users would be selected while they tested the features. But as of last week, more and more people were finding the features on their home pages, indicating that Twitter may be rolling out the features across the service.
  • How To Videos on Wonder How To – Video Tutorials, DIY Lessons & Tips – WonderHowTo hand-selects and curates the best instructional videos from over 1,700 websites. Explore the largest collection of free how-to videos.
  • Free: FedEx Offices Offering Free Resume Printing Tomorrow – If you live anywhere near a FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's), you can stop by tomorrow with a paper or CD copy of your resume and get 25 copies printed for free. Details (and discussion) below.
  • How Accurate is Google’s Traffic Estimator? – Using Google’s Traffic Estimator tool is a good way to get an idea of how much a new campaign is likely to spend once it is launched. Nobody expects this tool to be perfectly accurate, I’m sure, but I always wondered just how accurate it is so I did a little test.
  • Thief Steals Sensitive Data from NYPD Warehouse | Threat Level from – Personal information on more than 80,000 current and retired New York police officers was stolen from a supposedly secure data warehouse that stored NYPD pension fund data.
  • Tweet O'Clock – Find out when it's best to tweet someone!
  • Twitter Search Operators
  • Twitter Friday: How to Measure Twitter Authority? | SEOptimise – This week the focus of much Twitter buzz was the question how to measure Twitter authority. There is a growing sentiment and consensus that it can’t be the sheer number of followers as it’s easily manipulated and even if the followers are real you can’t effectively follow them back without drowning in information overflow.
  • Five Marketing Mistakes to Avoid – Why are there so many unsuccessful websites when others continue to flourish? Much of the reason has to do with poor marketing. This article explains five of the most popular marketing mistakes made by new website owners trying promote themselves. Usually with tight time constraints and even tighter budgets, the margin for error is very slim. Keep these points in mind before starting your next marketing campaign and you’re sure to see much better results.
  • Aaron Greenspan: Why I Sued Google (and Won) – Like most Americans, I use Google's search engine several times a day without so much as a second thought. It was only in 2007 that my company's relationship with Google, Inc. temporarily escalated to that of a full-fledged customer, when Think Computer Corporation became yet another a Google AdWords advertiser. (AdWords advertisements appear on the right side of the main Google search results.) Sadly, the several ad campaigns we tried during this brief experiment failed miserably to bring in any new revenue, and so I personally went back to being just another user of Google's search service — at least until March, 2008. That's when my company signed up for the flip side of Google's advertising juggernaut: AdSense. In anticipation of a new product, Think had acquired a brand new domain name that was unexpectedly receiving a high volume of internet traffic. Instead of paying Google for Think's ads, I thought it might make more sense for Think to get paid for displaying Google's.
  • Cyber-Security Czar Quits Amid Fears of NSA Takeover | Danger Room from – Rod Beckström, the Department of Homeland Security's controversial cyber-security chief, has suddenly resigned amid allegations of power grabs and bureaucratic infighting.

    Beckström — a management theorist, entrepreneur and author — was named last year to head up the new National Cybersecurity Center, or NCSC. To some, it seemed an odd choice since Beckström isn't an expert in security. But the hope was that he could use his management skills to help coordinate the nation's often-dysfunctional network defenses.


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