Bookmarks for June 2nd through June 3rd

These are my links for June 2nd through June 3rd:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Setting up WordPress after an Install | Pro Blog Design – There are a few essential steps that need to be taken with any new wordpress install. Obviously not every wordpress blog will be the same but there are some basics that I feel should be done regardless of what kind of blog you're creating.
  • CrunchPad: The Launch Prototype – This launch prototype is another significant step forward from the last prototype. The screen is now flush with the case and we’ve decreased the overall thickness to about 18 mm. The case will be aluminum, which is more expensive than plastic but is sturdier and lets us shave a little more off the overall thickness of the device.
  • WordPress MU › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform – WordPress MU, or multi-user, is designed to do exactly that. It is most famously used for where it serves tens of millions of hits on millions of blogs each day.
  • 20+ Great Greasemonkey Scripts for Improving Your Twitter Experience – It’s easy to love Twitter (Twitter reviews), but sometimes you just wish you could get more out of its limited Web interface. That’s where Greasemonkey scripts come in. Using Greasemonkey scripts you can nest replies, silence noisy twits, retweet to other services, and more. Here are over 20 that are sure to vastly improve your Twitter experience.
  • A Twitter Mini-Guide: 60+ Useful Twitter Resources | WebGeek – New to Twitter? Looking for some ways to get more out of your Twitter experience? For a while now, I’ve been putting together a list of helpful tools and resources for Twitter. I don’t claim to be an expert on Twitter, but I know a thing or two, and I found each of these pretty useful and/or interesting. Hopefully you’ll find something useful on this list.
  • 26 Tips For Good Social Media Participation : Ink Foundry Public Relations – Another great list of how to participate in Social Media and Web 2.0
  • 11 Top Tips To Build Your Twitter Following : Ink Foundry Public Relations – A great list to help with Growing your following on Twitter
  • The marCis Report: Armed Services Use Twitter & Facebook To Spread Information – As reported on CNN, the US Armed Services are using social media sites Twitter and Facebook to disseminate information about various events across the globe. One of their goals is to get information out before the mainstream media has the opportunity to spin the story. They've tweeted about skirmishes and casualties in Iraq
  • Bing Video Search – Microsoft's Bing Video Search – Quick Review – Microsoft has launched their new Google competitor, bing, complete with video search and everything.
  • Social Media Buyers Guide – Very interesting report. This site serves as a resource for people inside organizations big and small who are tasked with buying Social Media technology, services and advertising. As an extension of the Social Media Club mission to share lessons learned, it is our desire that this site helps you avoid the mistakes of your peers while learning from their successes. Please join the conversation and share your experiences!

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