Bookmarks for February 27th through February 28th

These are my Delicious links for February 27th through February 28th:

  • SocialToo Dumps Auto DM Support – ReadWriteWeb – One of the biggest complaints we hear from Twitter users is the increase in Twitter auto direct message spam. You know, those “thanks for following me” DMs that include a link, almost as an afterthought, offering you a free gift, the ability to earn a ton of cash, or the opportunity to check out a new product. Well, we’re a bit sick of them too.
  • Gary Vay•ner•chuk Expands His Web Video Empire With Obsessed TV – Gary Vaynerchuk is going after the Oprah set. The wine wholesaler who launched a career as a Web video celebrity talking about wine and marketing just launched Obsessed, a new video talk show hosted by Samantha Ettus. With Obsessed, Vaynerchuk hopes to move beyond niche programming on the Web to appeal to a mainstream audience.
  • ?? ???? » ????? ????? » Persian blogs on Bluehost will be going down – #bluehost There are certain events which happen at the backstage of the blogosphere, not where the readers of a blog would directly notice, but yet can have a serious impact on the performance of any blogger. The issues regarding hosting services are among these.
  • 5 Essential Social Media Strategies for a Bad Economy | Social Media Explorer – Everywhere you turn someone is talking about how bad the economy is. From the housing markets to the stock market, optimism is a trait that you would be hard pressed to find. Depending on which news channel you watch and what economist you listen to, the prognosis is that before it gets better it probably will get worse. With the job market shrinking and budgets becoming tighter, it’s vital that you have a strategy in place especially if you’re hoping that social media will play a role in career advancement or new business.
  • How The Small Guy Can Use Trust To Win The SEO Game : SEO – As we all know, the last thing Google wants to do is make life easy for SEOs, so we’ll just have to live with the constant change. One of the biggest changes SEOs have had to adapt to in recent times has been algorithm shifts that reward big players
  • Google’s New Search Engine Ranking Places Heavy Emphasis on Branding – Originally when we published this we were going to make it subscriber only content, but the change is so important that I thought we should share some of it with the entire SEO industry. This post starts off with a brief history of recent algorithm updates, and shows the enormous weight Google is placing on branded search results.
  • Unlocking Twitter’s local news potential – Twitter has received a lot of publicity for the speed and first-hand accounts following big news stories. The Mumbai attacks, a California earthquake and the emergency landing on the Hudson all showcased the power of Twitter.
  • Why it Makes Sense to Target Longtail Keywords First : SEO – When launching a brand new website in a competitive marketplace you have a lot of network effects working against you. Your competition has years of conversion data, an older trusted site, tons of content, and thousands of organic inbound links. Try to beat them right from the start for the most potent high-value keywords and you will likely fail.
  • 40 Advanced Web Analytics Tools for Business, Big & Small | SEOptimise – Web analytics is perhaps the most important thing for businesses online. In case you don’t know who and why visits you, buys your products and talks about you you are blind on the Web.
  • Twitter Friday: 15 Tools Lists, Twitter Business & Social Life Resources | SEOptimise – This Twitter Friday I won’t write something myself as the sheer numbers of Twitter posts are overwhelming right now. This will be a guide into the Twitter buzz of last week.
  • Twitter Used For Social Media Fundraising? | WebProNews – As some of you may know, I was recently involved in a tagline competition for The Printed Blog.The prize for the winner was a Nintendo Wii. Despite being way behind after missing a day’s worth of voting, I ended up winning the contest, with over 51% of votes.My sincere thanks to everyone who voted for me, from Twitter, Facebook and a few emails that were sent out. When the Wii arrives, I’ll be taking it down to the kids at the Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto. They need it far more than I do.
  • Duplicate Cleaner – Find Duplicate files – Freeware – Duplicate cleaner is a tool to assist anyone in cleaning up the contents of their personal hard drive or corporate network. You’d be surprised just how many redundant or duplicate files you could find forgotten in an obscure documents folder. Photos, music, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos – you name it, if it appears twice on your computer then Duplicate Cleaner will find it.
  • The size of social networks | Primates on Facebook | The Economist – THAT Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks will increase the size of human social groups is an obvious hypothesis, given that they reduce a lot of the friction and cost involved in keeping in touch with other people. Once you join and gather your “friends” online, you can share in their lives as recorded by photographs, “status updates” and other titbits, and, with your permission, they can share in yours. Additional friends are free, so why not say the more the merrier?
  • Facebook Management Has Lost Its Grip on Reality – ReadWriteWeb – Facebook made one of the most important announcements in the young company’s history today. It has proposed a set of foundational documents, including the first official statement of Facebook Principles. The proposal is made to Facebook’s users, who will now have 30 days to read, comment and perhaps vote on the documents.
  • Facebook’s Radical New Approach to Terms of Service | Technologizer – Last week, Facebook reversed some changes it had made to its terms of service after it faced an uprising of unhappy members who weren’t pacified by founder Mark Zuckberg’s initial explanation of why the amendments shouldn’t bother anyone. That was expedient. Today, the company followed up by doing something kind of extraordinary: It’s created drafts of overarching Facebook Principles and specific Facebook Rights and Responsibilities, and is soliciting member feedback on them before they’re finalized. Zuckerberg also says that members will get to vote for or against the revised versions of both documents, although I can’t tell from his post whether those votes will be binding.

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