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The Power Of Video

Recently I've had the opportunity to do a promo video for my digital marketing agency, Goldstein Media, with Joe Monzo of Monzo Media Productions. The experience was amazing, but also overwhelming. Let me explain the overwhelming part... Just seeing the process Joe...

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Our 15 Top WordPress Plugins

WordPress powers 30% of sites on the Web. With this much market share there are quite a bit of plugins to enhance your WordPress experience. Below are 15 of our favorites. Some are paid-to-use, some are free and pay for more features, and others are completely free....

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Mondays As An Entrepreneur

There are lots of emotions about Mondays. Some look forward to a new week to accomplish goal and feel accomplished. Others dread Mondays. I'm definitely part of the former. Mondays and Fridays, for some, might be the start and end of the work week, respectively, but...

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Our Top 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins

There is a plethora of WordPress plugins out there, which do all kinds of different functions. These functions add features to your self-hosted WordPress site. Everyone has their “Must-Installs.” These are our Top 10 favorite WordPress plugins Thrive Architect (Paid)...

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The Vault

I would give Seth and Goldstein Media my highest recommendation.  Professional, persistent and personable are just some of the fine characteristics I discovered in working with him to accomplish my web site design and support.

Thomas Croke, Esq.

Attorney at Law