Optimizing Your App For The App Store

App Store Optimization, much like traditional SEO, needs careful consideration about process and methodology to rank highly and increase downloads. As ASO is an evolving field and traditional algorithmic analysis is obscure, attention can be brought to some key metrics to help you optimize your app’s ranking.

Title and Icons

Apps’ titles and icons are important factors to consider when ranking highly is the objective. Like SEO, keyword research is imperative for success and but your title must also be short, sweet and memorable. Relevant keywords should cleverly be chosen and placed effectively because only a small portion of the app’s title is visible to users. 

Likewise, the app’s icon should illicit interest from would-be users. The icon should also display what the app is about in a simple manner. Most users use their mobile devices for app downloads so small screen size should be taken into consideration.

Screen Shots

If your app’s icon and title are attractive to users, the next keys to ASO are your relevant screen shots. These are vital to allow potential users to see exactly what they will be downloading. Engaging the potential user is about telling a narrative of what using your app is like and not a random collection of images.


An apps’ description, while important for potential user information, factors differently either in Apple App Store or Google Play Store algorithm. Apple’s algorithm does not factor in keywords while Play Store does. Your app description should not necessarily change however because keyword stuffing is not user friendly at its core. Instead, focus on delivering a concise and informative description that will resonate well with users and include a few relevant keywords.


Lastly, apps have worldwide appeal. As such, localizing your ASO strategy is important to appeal to different audiences. You should include different keywords, phrases and cultural idiosyncrasies into your app description so as to appeal to your target audience.

ASO is becoming a necessary strategy for app developers around the world. As app store algorithms continually change, so should ASO strategy to ensure high rankings and downloads.

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