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A Question For Our Clients

Hey [subscriber:firstname | default:reader]!

I hope this email finds you well. Since you're a client of ours we wanted to reach out and ask you something.

We are thinking about offering courses on certain topics in Digital Marketing. They would be free or very inexpensive, especially for you.

What topics would you find most interesting? Right now I put out a quick tutorial up on the course site we built on how to post Instagram from your computer without having to invest in an expensive tool. You can check that out here. Please let us know any feedback on the course and how we can improve it. It's our first so, you know how it goes.

So if you don't mind shooting over an email to me that would be great on topics you'd be interested in, I'd really appreciate it. In case, for some reason, you don't have my email (which would be strange lol) it's

Thanks! Stay safe! And don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday!