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It's been a while. The kids are out of school and in the case of my 7 year old, tearing the house apart doing electronics and exploring.

I wanted to reach out to see how everyone was doing during this weird time. It's the summer and many of us are used to traveling and having the kids in camp. This summer for many of us is quite different. Covid-19 has made sure of that.

On a business front, I wanted to check in. I wanted to see how you're fairing with the restrictions in your area. Are you finding that the restrictions are lifting and people are venturing out or are you seeing something different?

If I can be of any help to you or someone you know please let me know and make an introduction to that person for me. I'd greatly appreciate it.

I hope you're staying safe and sound. Don't forget to take breaks and have fun.

Take Care,

Principal Creative Director - Goldstein Media LLC
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