Video: Networking Online and Off – Tips, Do's and Don'ts

Networking is essential to starting, building and maintaining your business. Regardless of the economy networking is the key to success. Whether networking online through sites like Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter or in person, face-to-face networking like an after hours networking event, how you network and interact is key. The following video will explain my ideas more.

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Seth Goldstein is the Principal Creative Director at Goldstein Media LLC. He has been in the Web design and Internet marketing business for more than 10 years. A self-proclaimed technologist, Seth is addicted to all types of technology. He loves to help businesses of all sizes figure out the best way to use the Internet to grow their business.

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  • Tim Houston

    Your points are well taken, especially about balancing social networking with in-person networking.  No matter where you network — be it online or off — your goal is NOT to sell but to engage and connect with people. Networking and selling are two different and mutually exclusive activities and so many people think they are the same. Business networking requires that you not only meet others, but engage them and build and enhance your relationships with them. It’s not a one-shot deal; it’s a long-term, lifetime process.   The selling will happen after the relationship is built.

    My take on going to many different networking events: Do not become “The Wanderer”. They attend a lot of networking events, business expos, trade shows, and networking groups and in many respects because they are not focused on networking at all.

    In my book, The World’s Worst Networker: Lessons Learned By The Best From The Absolute Worst, I profile The Wanderer as one of The World’s Worst Networkers  because  they are focused on one thing: just making the sale and making it fast. They approach their victim at these events with a very strong sense of urgency to the point where the victim feels pressured. Sometimes they will say that their products won’t be available very long; other times they will outright tell them that they are just “passing through” and this is a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” (I have had this experience so many times I’ve lost count). Remember my point: Networking and selling are two mutually exclusive processes and Wanderers don’t (or don’t want to) understand this.

    • Seth G.

      Your book sounds great. I’ll have to pick up a copy. Thanks for your comments. I completely agree with you.

  • Hempsteadco Com

    Yes, Networking is about communication. I agree with you that is all about what you can offer them and not what they can give you back.

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